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How to increase sales

How to increase sales in a retail store?

It's no secret that crisis phenomena is strongly reflected in the purchasing power of the people and, consequently, the incomes of various retail outlets...
How to Optimize Costs

HR Outsourcing: How to Optimize Costs

Any business has always sought and seeks to optimize its costs, and in times of crisis, the reduction of non-core expenses is often the...
differentiated marketing

What is Differentiated Marketing?

Differentiated-marketing is a marketing strategy that is aimed at meeting the specific needs of customers. That is, a company evaluates various market segments and...
direct marketing

Direct Marketing as an Effective Way of Advertising

Nowadays, advertising media grows like flowers nourished by the rain, or rather by the money of advertisers. And, of course, when a business grows,...
Influences Buying Behavior

What Influences Buying Behavior?

The primary role of the consumption process lies in the sale and purchase of goods and services. In connection with the laws that govern...
Innovative Marketing

Innovative Marketing

In recent years, there is a very dynamic development of the economy business sector, while there is a fairly volatile situation on the market,...
Successful Business Model

How to Create a Successful Business Model

Review Successful Business Model Today, less than 2% of all startups receive funding from venture capitalists and business acceleration programs, and therefore, it is necessary to...

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